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The payment process at the end of a dental appointment can often be like pulling teeth (pun intended), but it doesn’t always have to be! Dogwood Pediatric Dentistry is here to try and make the process as simple and smooth as possible—with your help! Our doctors encourage our patient’s parents to come prepared before arriving to their child’s appointment and come armed with the necessary payment method and insurance documentation (should the treatment not be paid completely out-of-pocket).


Financial Requirements


First and foremost, payment for professional services is always due at the time dental treatment is provided. For patients that require a dental treatment that will require multiple visits, our team works to compile a custom treatment plan. After the plan is created, our treatment coordinator will review the recommended treatment and the estimation of your dental insurance reimbursement which will then be relayed to you. At our dentistry practice, every effort is made to provide a treatment plan which fits your timetable and budget while providing your child with the best possible care. Payment methods that we accept after deductibles and co-insurance are taken and applied to the final bill are as follows:


Cash money

Personal checks

Most major credit cards

Care Credit


Insurance Facts


Before choosing and applying for your dental insurance, please read over the facts listed below so that you can fully prepare for what your bill may or may not look like.


Dental insurance will never pay the full amount due for dental procedures – In comparison to medical insurance, dental insurance is not meant to be used to pay for a large portion of your bill—it’s meant to be used as an assistance or a supplement to the bill. It’s been discovered that the average coverage of a fee is about 40% - 60%, depending on the type of plan your family or your employer has chosen.


Dental insurance typically does not cover many routine dental treatments – You’ll find that when you go visit your dentist, that if a cheaper alternative exists, your dental insurance will probably lean towards covering that one. Remember! Insurance companies are more interested in the bottom line than in the quality of care that their insurance can help provide.


Dental insurance plans that allow you to choose your provider are best – If your insurance provider allows you to choose your own provider (dentist) instead of forcing you to choose off of their approved list, chances are you’ll be better off for this. Usually, when insurance companies have a list of providers, it’s because those providers have made a deal with the insurance companies to lower their rates so that the insurance companies can cover more of the cost of the treatments. However, when you lower the cost of treatments, the providers have to cut back somewhere: equipment, materials, quality, etc.


Neither your dentist or their staff work for the insurance companies and are therefore not required to submit claims on your behalf – Please talk to our staff when paying your bill to be sure that you’ve both done everything on your end and that the paperwork will be submitted.


Take advantage of your dental benefits and use all of them before the year is over - If you don’t use up all the benefits your dental insurance provides each year, you will lose your money. It’s commonplace for people to pay premiums each year and never use their dental insurance thinking that this saves them money over time. This is not necessarily the case. Dental problems will accumulate and, since dental insurance will only cover up to so much a year, you’ll have to pay out big-time. Instead, take care of yourself and your child a little bit every year so that you won’t be surprised later.


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